Creating Employability Opportunities

ASSCOD has sponsored V. Vasantha Kumar for a 4-month course in advanced programming in Java to Anudip Foundation (  Anudip Foundation, a not-for-profit social enterprise, provides livelihood opportunities at scale for marginalized populations in the digital economy as a new economy skilling partner for students, employers and donors. Anudip’s focus is to generate sustainable livelihood opportunities for the underprivileged young men and women by providing skill development programs and this is in perfect alignment with the goals of ASSCOD.

Sponsoring suitable candidates for the various skill development programmes conducted by Anudip would benefit them in the following ways and we intend sponsoring more and more deserving students in the future.

  • Technical skill upgradation of students.
  • Placement support in domain specific jobs.
  • Industry exposure for students.
  • Opportunity to receive proper accredited certificates.