Indian Volunteers :

SSCOD has a tradition of welcoming Indian as well as foreign volunteers; we are always eager to work with dedicated individuals offering their time, knowledge and fresh ideas and believe we can make this volunteer is experience a mutually beneficial one. Countries of origin for past foreign volunteers include USA, UK, France, Hungary, Spain and Belgium.

For enquiries about Volunteerism Opportunities with ASSCOD please contact:

For more details about our Volunteerism Program please visit our Volunteerism Promotion Center page.

NRI / Other Nationals :

For more information about our current volunteer positions, and to apply to volunteer with us, please follow this link to apply through our partner, the Omprakash Foundation. By applying to volunteer with us through Omprakash, you will gain access to their EdGE (Education for Global Engagement) pre-departure program, as well as grants, crowdfunding and networking opportunities.