Our organization helps in promoting and developing the socio-economic conditions of people in rural communities. We believe that empowered women play a crucial role in community development, so our programmes are targeted towards capacity building of women. Our activities also extend to providing educational facilities for children from underprivileged communities.

Women Empowerment: (tribal women)

  • Formation of self-help groups
  • Providing life skills training, vocational training to be entrepreneurs
  • Helping women create assets in their names
  • Create Self Help Groups (SHG) and provide skilling and financial training to make them self-sustainable 
  • Provide funding through donors to enable tribal women buy cattle and help them with veterinarian support
  • Provide access to women enrichment programs through donor partners

Educational Support:

School dropouts among girls from tribal communities, scheduled caste and low-income backgrounds increased exponentially over the years, and required immediate action to help them regain their access to educational opportunities. Our approach to promote education is:

  • Open coaching centres for children
  • Provide scholarship assistance to pursue higher education
  • Provide clean toilet facilities for girls’ schools
  • Provide transport for tribal children to school from home and back


  • Provide nutritious diet to lactating and pregnant tribal mothers
  • Conduct Health camps in tribal hamlets with the help of primary health centres
  • Conduct eye camps with the help of eye hospitals