Event Overview:

On Sunday, 17/12/23, ASSCOD organized a distinctive program to commemorate the achievements of the Wings to Fly Trust. Mr. Loganathan, Executive Director of ASSCOD, presided over the event, joined by special guests Mrs. Sunanda Rangarajan (CEO OFSI), Mr. Santhi Ponnurangam (Nelvoy Village President), and Mrs. Hemalatha (Treasurer, ASSCOD). The occasion marked the inauguration of a training center on Nelvoy Junction road, established through Omega Healthcare’s CSR initiative, officially launched by Mrs. Sunanda Rangarajan. The project, named Wings to Fly, is registered as a trust, and its trust deed was handed over to the office bearers during the event. Microfinance was also distributed to tribal women as part of Omega CSR’s livelihood enhancement project.

Opening of the Skill Center:

Mrs. Sunanda Rangarajan inaugurated the skill center by cutting the ribbon and lighting the lamp. She also addressed the tribal women who are going to undergo training.

Cultural Program:

The program featured a captivating cultural performance by students from the ASSCOSD NGO’s tuition center. Highlights included two speeches, a dance, and a mime focused on the adverse effects of mobile usage.

Welcome Speech by Wings to Fly Trust President and Treasurer:

Mrs. Chithra.M, the president, and Mrs. Snega, the treasurer, delivered a welcome speech outlining the journey of the Wings to Fly Trust. They discussed the trust’s objectives, microloans provided to date, repayment status, revolving fund details, and expressed gratitude to Omega Healthcare for their project benefiting the livelihoods of tribal women.

Presidential Speech by Mr. Loganathan:

Mr. Loganathan, Executive Director of ASSCOD, provided insights into the creation, execution, and future of the Wings to Fly Trust in his presidential speech.

Handing Over the Trust Deed:

The trust deed was formally handed over to the office bearers of the Wings to Fly Trust during the event.

Distribution of Microloans:

Microloans were distributed to tribal women from Nelvoy, Kallankollai, and Kalliyampoondi villages, utilizing the revolving fund of the Wings to Fly Trust.

Speech by Sunanda Rangarajan:

Mrs. Sunanda Rangarajan emphasized the significance of the Wings to Fly Trust, motivating trust members to leverage available resources for personal growth. She stressed the importance of women’s empowerment and gender equality in daily lives.

Speech by Village President:

Mr. Santhi Ponnurangam, Nelvoy Village President, shared his efforts in providing land pattas to tribal families and ongoing projects to build houses on that land. He pledged support to the NGO for the upliftment of tribal families and encouraged the gathering to send their children to schools.


The event concluded with a vote of thanks by Mr. Sundaram, Project Coordinator at ASSCOD, followed by a group photo featuring women leaders from 10 villages alongside the chief guests.

Overall the event was a great success and created a enthusiasm in the tribal women for to work for the development of their livelihood.