Heartfelt Donation Brings the Gift of Hearing to a Young Tribal Girl

Vijaya Raman, a kind-hearted resident,living in Kancheepuram District, has made an extraordinary gesture that has transformed the life of Rajeshwari, a 15-year-old Tribal girl from Nelvoy village.

From One Mother to Another: The Gift of Hearing

Rajeshwari, a bright young girl, has faced the challenge of hearing impairment since birth. Her family, belonging to a tribal community, struggled to provide the necessary resources for her condition. Despite their efforts, they were unable to secure a hearing aid, which Rajeshwari desperately needed.


Turning Personal Misfortune into Community Blessing

Vijaya Raman, a mother herself, received a hearing aid for her son, who also suffers from severe hearing impairment living in Kancheepuram district came to know about this girl through her friend . Unfortunately, the donated device was not suitable for her son’s specific needs. Rather than returning the aid, Vijaya saw an opportunity to make a difference in another child’s life. She decided to donate the hearing aid to Rajeshwari, knowing it could change her world.

ASSCOD’s Efforts Amplified by a Generous Donation

Rajeshwari is a beneficiary of the ASSCOD’s Tailoring center initiative. ASSCOD, an organization dedicated to uplifting the underprivileged, had been tirelessly working to mobilize funds for Rajeshwari’s hearing aid. Despite their persistent efforts, resources were scarce, and the goal seemed distant.

A New World of Sound: The Impact of One Act of Kindness

The timely donation from Vijaya Raman brought immense joy and relief to Rajeshwari and her family. For the first time, Rajeshwari could experience the sense of hearing in one ear, opening up new possibilities and opportunities for her future. The impact of this gesture is immeasurable, as it not only enhances her ability to communicate but also boosts her confidence and self-esteem.
An Appeal for Continued Support

ASSCOD expresses deep gratitude to Vijaya Raman for her selfless act of kindness. This heartwarming story is a testament to the power of community and the difference one person can make in the life of another. However, Rajeshwari’s journey is not yet complete. She still requires a hearing aid for her other ear to fully experience the world of sound.

We appeal to the community and generous donors to come forward and support Rajeshwari through this link. https://pages.razorpay.com/pl_IRJhJaFnwTCbqw/view

Anyone willing to donate a hearing aid for her other ear can kindly contact us through mail [email protected].

Your contribution will help Rajeshwari lead a fuller, more connected life, breaking the barriers of silence that have long confined her.

Together, we can continue to create stories of hope, compassion, and transformation.