Micro Loans for Livestock

In accordance with the vision of ASSCOD of economically empowering rural women below poverty line to lead their families and bring prosperity to the Community, ASSCOD has joined with Omega Healthcare to provide micro loans for purchasing livestock and through this, achieve some economic independence. Tribal people are living in extreme poverty and have no access to basic facilities such as housing, drinking water, health and education. So, to eradicate the poverty among tribal families, our NGO started a project to promote livelihood opportunities among tribal women through providing interest free micro loan to the women who are interested to involve in income generation activities and to earn a decent income. We have identified 15 tribal villages with 273 women in Chengalpattu and Kancheepuram districts and enabled 70 women to avail micro loans in the last 6 months. The women who got loans, used the amount to purchase milch animals/goat units and in other small business development activities that enabled them to earn Rs.8000- 10000/PM.

We will closely monitor the activities and extend handhold support to women to run the small business activities profitably. They need to repay the loans in 2-3 years and the repayment amount will be revolved among the women to cover fresh beneficiaries.