Craft bazaar at OFSI Launch event Chennai

Following the successful launch event at Tarangambadi, OFSI hosted a similar event in Chennai on November 6th, 2023. ASSCOD actively participated in this event by showcasing a variety of products from our beneficiaries at the craft bazaar.

Our beneficiaries’ handcrafted wire bags, cotton sarees, cotton dhotis, and silk sarees were displayed and sold at the OFSI Launch craft bazaar.

Additionally, Mrs. Snega, one of our beneficiaries and the Treasurer of Wings to Fly Trust, delivered a compelling talk about the positive impact that ASSCOD/Omega has created in her life.

Our Executive Director, Mr. Loganathan, had the honor of being one of the panelists for a discussion on the power of grassroots interventions and the importance of community-led development through strategic collaborations. This insightful discussion opened the eyes of the attendees, helping them understand the pressing needs of the community and the effective ways to address them.

Overall, the event provided an excellent platform for us to showcase our organization’s talents and raise awareness about our mission to a diverse audience from various organizations.