Tarangambadi Visit for the launch of OFSI

Omega Healthcare’s CSR arm, Omega Forum for Social Impact, recently launched in Tarangambadi village, Karaikal district. One of the partnering NGOs for the forum is ASSCOD. As Wings to Fly is a part of Omega’s CSR project, a group of 17 women from 10 tribal villages in Chengalpattu and Kancheepuram Districts were able to attend the launch event. For many of these women, it was their first experience traveling outside of their own village. They had saved up to invest in the trip.

The launch of the Omega Forum for Social Impact (OFSI) provided a unique opportunity for these women from remote villages to connect with women from various states across the country. This empowering experience allowed them to interact with different individuals and gain insights into the diverse cultures, traditions, and livelihoods that exist in different regions. Additionally, the women thoroughly enjoyed their time at the beautiful beaches of Tarangambadi.

Overall, this trip provided the women with a much-needed break from their daily routines and allowed them to have a memorable experience. They expressed their gratitude towards the Omega team for organizing their accommodation, meals and for including them in this launch event.