Igniting Health and Empowerment in Tribal Adolescent Girls


The Tribal Adolescent Girl Development Project, initiated by ASSCOD (NGO), commenced on March 28, 2024, in Nelvoy Village. The project aimed to address the issue of malnutrition among adolescent girls belonging to tribal communities residing in Nelvoy Village. Through a tailored approach involving nutrition kits and training sessions, ASSCOD aimed to improve the health and well-being of these adolescent girls over a six-month period.

Needs : The decision to launch the project from the observation made by ASSCOD during a tailoring training session in Nelvoy Village. It was noted that several adolescent girls from the tribal community exhibited signs of malnutrition. ASSCOD identified the urgent need to intervene and provide nutritional support to these girls. Malnutrition not only affects physical health but also impedes cognitive development and overall growth, which could have long-term consequences for the girls and their communities.

Project Rationale:

ASSCOD formulated a comprehensive plan that included the distribution of nutrition kits tailored to meet the specific dietary requirements of adolescent girls.These kits were supplemented with educational sessions focused on nutrition, hygiene, and overall health awareness.The project aimed to create lasting improvements in the health outcomes of the targeted group.

Nutrition Initiative:

Initially, the project prioritized distributing nutrition kits to adolescent girls in tribal communities. The nutrition kits contain essential dietary items to address common deficiencies among adolescent girls.

  • These kits include Manna Helath mix, Dates and sesame balls which will be supplements of iron, calcium, and vitamins to tackle malnutrition.
  • The aim is to promote optimal health and support the growth and development of adolescent girls in tribal areas.

Ensuring Sustainable Health and Well-being:

ASSCOD is committed to monitoring the health condition of tribal adolescent girls in the future. By tracking health indicators, we aim to ensure sustained progress and address emerging health needs effectively. Monitoring may involve regular check-ups, assessments, and data collection to inform targeted interventions and program improvements.


 The Tribal Adolescent Girls Development initiative marks a significant step towards empowering and supporting young girls in tribal communities. By providing essential nutrition kits, monitoring health conditions, and implementing comprehensive programs, we have demonstrated its commitment to addressing the unique needs of these girls.This is how the girls thanked us at the end of the session.