Breaking Barriers: Tribal Women of Nelvoy Triumph with Debut Sales in US Dollars

In the village of Nelvoy, amidst the serene beauty of nature, a narrative of women empowerment unfolds. Here, the collaborative efforts of ASSCOD and Omega Healthcare Pvt Ltd. have illuminated pathways with the Wings to Fly trust to socio-economic advancement for tribal women. Let us see how the impactful partnership that has catalyzed change within this community through skill development in tailoring and jute bag stitching.

ASSCOD, alongside Omega Healthcare, embarks on a collaborative venture aimed at fostering sustainable livelihoods and uplifting the marginalized communities residing therein. Through strategic initiatives and targeted interventions, these entities endeavor to equip tribal women with the tools necessary for economic independence and self-reliance.

Partnership Dynamics:
At the heart of this transformative endeavor lies a robust partnership between ASSCOD and Omega Healthcare Pvt Ltd. Through shared values and a commitment to corporate social responsibility, these organizations converge to create synergies that transcend traditional boundaries. Together, they leverage their respective expertise and resources to drive positive change within the community.To achieve the same a trust (Wings to Fly)was formed in 2022 where the women leaders from 15 villages work for their empowerment and their communities upliftment.

Skill Development Initiatives:

As many women of Nelvoy village were interested in learning the tailoring skill ASSCOD and Omega Healthcare Pvt Ltd decided to run a skill center that will benefit the women to learn the skill at their convinient time. Beginning with foundational training in tailoring, the program Started in Jan 2024 . Omega Healthcare wants to provide an additional skill for the women that will ensure their sustainability.So it expands to encompass advanced techniques in jute bag stitching to provide a sustainable income to the women. This comprehensive approach not only enhances the women’s employability but also cultivates a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Certification and Recognition:
A pivotal moment in the journey of empowerment arrives as the women of Nelvoy receive formal certification for their acquired skills. Under the Presence of Omega Healthcare Pvt Ltd’s CSR Head ,Ms. Sunanda Rangarajan and Project director Ms. Hema , these certifications were provided to the women which is a tangible symbols of achievement and proficiency. They validate the women’s capabilities and confer upon them a sense of pride and validation.

Showcasing Success:
The highlight of the program is that the first showcase of the jute products were made in an event held at Omega Healthcare’s premises OFSI Craft Bazzar. Here, the jute bags, products of the women’s were displayed and presented to an esteemed audience for sale. The admiration and patronage received from American clients of Omega Healthcare underscore the quality and marketability of the women’s creations. The US Clients Paid USD 20 for their purchase. This event instilled a sense of confidence and self-assurance in the women.

Impact and Sustainability:
Beyond the immediate outcomes, the collaborative efforts of ASSCOD and Omega Healthcare Pvt Ltd. yield enduring impacts within the community. By nurturing skills and fostering entrepreneurship, the initiative sows the seeds of long-term socio-economic development. Moreover, it engenders a culture of empowerment and self-reliance that reverberates throughout generations.

In conclusion, the partnership between ASSCOD and Omega Healthcare Pvt Ltd exemplifies the transformative potential of collaborative action in driving positive social change. Through their concerted efforts, they illuminate a path towards empowerment and prosperity for the tribal women of Nelvoy. As we reflect upon their journey, we are reminded of the profound impact that can be achieved when organizations unite in pursuit of a common goal – to uplift, empower, and inspire.

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