Empowering Women Through Skill Development: OFSI’s Tailoring Centers

In January 2024, the Omega Healthcare Private Limited’s CSR initiative(Omega Forum for Social impact (OFSI)) partnered with ASSCOD and took a significant step toward women’s empowerment by establishing a tailoring center in Nelvoy. This initiative aimed to equip women with valuable skills, enabling them to become financially independent. Over the past few months, this center has trained 21 women in tailoring, who have since begun to engage in various income-generating activities.

A New Chapter of Empowerment

The impact of the tailoring center in Nelvoy has been profound. Not only have the trained women gained confidence and skills, but they have also secured a noteworthy outsourcing order from a renowned textile shop in Kancheepuram. This shop, known for its high-quality fabrics, commissioned the women to stitch big shopper bags, marking a significant achievement for the newly skilled tailors. This order not only provided the women with a steady source of income but also validated their skills in a competitive market.

Expanding Horizons: The New Center in Kaliyampoondi

Inspired by the success in Nelvoy and driven by the demand from other communities, Omega Healthcare Private Limited’s CSR initiative has extended its tailoring program to Kaliyampoondi village. Many women from Kaliyampoondi had expressed a keen interest in learning tailoring, recognizing the potential it holds for financial independence and empowerment.

The new tailoring center in Kaliyampoondi became operational on May 16, 2024. Currently, it is training nearly 15 women, who are eager to acquire this valuable skill. The enthusiasm and dedication of these women are evident, as they embark on this journey of self-improvement and empowerment.

The Road Ahead

The expansion of the tailoring skill centers marks just the beginning of Omega Healthcare Private Limited’s CSR initiative broader mission to empower women across various villages. By providing these women with practical skills, OFSI is not only enhancing their economic prospects but also fostering a sense of community and mutual support.

The success stories from Nelvoy serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration for the new trainees in Kaliyampoondi. As these women progress through their training, they will undoubtedly bring new ideas, energy, and entrepreneurial spirit to their communities.

Omega Healthcare Private Limited’s CSR initiative remains committed to supporting these women, providing them with continuous training, resources, and opportunities to showcase their skills. The journey of empowerment is ongoing, and with each step, these women are moving closer to financial independence and self-reliance.


ASSCOD/OFSI tailoring centers in Nelvoy and now Kaliyampoondi are transforming lives, one stitch at a time. By equipping women with essential tailoring skills, OFSI is paving the way for sustainable income opportunities and stronger, more resilient communities. As the centers continue to grow and flourish, they stand as testament to the power of skill development in driving social change and economic empowerment.