From Poverty to Financial Stability

Lalitha, a 39-year-old widow residing in Elapakkam village with her daughter Vanilla and son Pandiyan, was struggling to make ends meet. Her husband passed away due to alcohol addiction, leaving her in poverty. She worked hard every day to provide for her children, taking on daily wage jobs to support them. Despite facing these challenges, she managed to arrange her daughter’s wedding by taking out a loan with high-interest rates.

ASSCOD intervened and assessed her financial situation. She received an interest-free loan of Rs.12000 from the Omega CSR project: Enhancement of Livelihood of Rural Women. With this loan, she purchased a wood-cutting machine. Lalitha and her son now work together in the wood-cutting job, which has significantly increased their earnings. With this additional income, she was able to repay the loan of Rs.15000 taken for her daughter’s wedding.

Thanks to the intervention of ASSCOD and Omega CSR, Lalitha’s family’s financial situation has improved significantly. They are now living a peaceful life, free from financial stress. She has decided not to take any more loans and rely solely on the income generated from her wood-cutting job to support her family. The intervention by ASSCOD and Omega CSR has transformed Lalitha and her family’s lives, providing them with a sustainable source of income and hope for the future.