A Tale of Empowerment: Meena’s Journey with ASSCOD Micro Credit Programme

Introduction: Meet Meena, a 25-year-old resident of Elapakkam village, facing the challenges of providing for her family while her husband, Saravanan, worked as a daily wage laborer. The introduction of ASSCOD’s micro credit program by Omega Healthcare presented a golden opportunity for Meena to create a sustainable source of income and support her family.

Challenges Faced: Meena, with a 2-year-old daughter and her husband’s income as the sole financial support, struggled to meet the growing needs of her family. She sought a way to contribute to the household income while caring for her child.

The Intervention: Upon learning about the ASSCOD micro credit program, Meena made a strategic decision to invest in goat rearing, a skill she was already familiar with. With the micro credit, she acquired 2 goats and also entered into a unique arrangement to rent 2 more goats. The rental agreement stipulated that if the rented goats produced 2 kids, one kid would go to the owner, and Meena would keep the other.

Investment and Results: Meena’s 2 goats successfully gave birth to 4 kids, and the rented goats added 2 more, resulting in a total of 8 goats. Priced at Rs.5000 per goat, she sells each goat for Rs.8000, realizing a profit of Rs.3000 per goat. Additionally, Meena has 6 kids for rearing, further contributing to her income.

Financial Sustainability: The surplus income generated from goat rearing has become a crucial resource for Meena’s family. She utilizes the excess amount to cover household expenses, providing financial stability and support for her husband and daughter.

Impact on Family Life: Meena’s entrepreneurial spirit and the success of her goat rearing venture have transformed her role within the family. The additional income not only eases financial burdens but also empowers Meena to actively contribute to her family’s well-being.

Gratitude towards ASSCOD and Omega: Meena expresses her heartfelt gratitude to ASSCOD and Omega for their micro credit program, which has changed the trajectory of her life. The program not only provided her with a means to earn but also instilled confidence and independence.

Conclusion: Meena’s case illustrates the transformative power of targeted micro credit programs in empowering individuals to create sustainable livelihoods. ASSCOD and Omega’s intervention have not only changed Meena’s life but have also contributed to the economic empowerment of her family, demonstrating the positive impact of community-focused initiatives.