Celebrating Success: Empowering Students Through Encouragement and Rewards


In a significant stride towards holistic community development, ASSCOD (Association for Social and Sustainable Community Development) has forged a transformative partnership with Sun Pharma to establish tuition centers in five villages across Chengalpattu and Kancheepuram districts. This initiative is tailored to cater specifically to tribal children, providing them with a safe space to clear doubts and strengthen their academic foundation. Currently, nearly 125 students benefit from these tuition centers, ensuring that education reaches the farthest corners of our society.

Educational Empowerment for Tribal Children:
The focus of these tuition centers goes beyond academics; they serve as havens for tribal children who often hesitate to voice their doubts in conventional school settings. The aim is to create an inclusive and supportive learning environment that fosters confidence and a love for learning.

Nutrition for Nurturing Minds:
Recognizing the importance of overall well-being, ASSCOD goes a step further by providing nutritious snacks to these children on a daily basis. This initiative not only supports their physical health but also reinforces the understanding that education and health go hand in hand.

Participation of children in ASSCOD’s event:
When time came to celebrate the milestones of the women empowerment project of Omega Healthcare Pvt Ltd., ASSCOD turned to Mr. Anbarasu, the dedicated supervisor of the tuition centers. Without hesitation, he embraced the opportunity and meticulously planned a welcome dance, two insightful speeches, and a captivating miming performance from the tuition centers of talented Ms. Vasanthi and Ms. Amudha.

Spellbinding Performances:
The highlight of the celebration was the exceptional performances by the children from the tuition centers. Their talents took center stage, leaving the chief guest of the program, Mrs. Sunanda Rangarajan, spellbound. The dedication and skill displayed by these young minds showcased the transformative impact of education and encouragement.

Encouraging Excellence:
In a bid to recognize and encourage the budding talents, ASSCOD decided to provide rewards to the children who showcased their skills during the event. These rewards are carefully chosen to be practical and useful in their day-to-day lives, ensuring that the encouragement extends beyond the event and becomes a driving force for their ongoing educational journey.

The collaboration between ASSCOD and Sun Pharma is not just about establishing tuition centers; it is a commitment to empowering young minds and fostering a community where education is a right, not a privilege. As we celebrate milestones and witness the blossoming talents of these children, we are reminded that every effort, big or small, contributes to a brighter and more inclusive future for all.